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LEGO my Bugatti!

Ever since I drew up the fall equinox chart a couple weeks ago, I’ve been pondering how Chiron conjunct the Aries Point might manifest. And here we have it in this morning’s headlines: a life-size, drivable LEGO® Bugatti Chiron!

Astrology usually isn’t quite so literal.

Used primarily by the Uranian and Cosmobiology schools of astrology, the Aries Point is, understandably, located at 0°Aries. When it’s activated by conjunction, square or opposition – that is, when a planet reaches 0° Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn via transit, progression or solar arc – the individual (or company or relationship or whatever) tends to get thrust into the public eye somehow.

Chiron is a comet named for the first centaur. His orbit lies between his father, Saturn, and his grandfather, Uranus; therefore, Chiron can be said to navigate the rift between convention (Saturn) and revolution (Uranus). A teacher renowned for his knowledge of medicine, Chiron instructed boldface names like the heroes Heracles (Hercules), Achilles and Jason, and even Asclepius, the god of medicine. Ironically, Chiron found himself wounded by an arrow tipped with a deadly poison that did not kill him because he was immortal, but that he also could not heal. This earned him the sobriquet “the wounded healer” in astrological circles. Where we find Chiron in our natal chart is where we may suffer from a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual wound that won’t go away in spite of our best efforts, so we need to learn to manage it.

As the Sun is illuminating the super-technical, über-meticulous sign of Virgo right now, let us appreciate the details: More than 1 million interlocking plastic LEGO Technic pieces. More than 13,400 manhours. 2,304 tiny LEGO electronic motors. A (theoretical) top speed of 18 mph. (The actual Bugatti Chiron’s is 261 mph, but still.)

Is anyone surprised that they started building it during Virgo last year and announced it during Virgo this year?

You can build your own (toy-sized) LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron for $350.

More on the fall equinox later.

All images are property of The LEGO Group.


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